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Why you should buy from LIOR Diamonds –

Isaac Dekalo, president of the newly formed LIOR Diamonds, has over 35 years experience in the diamond industry. Isaac started his career running the US polished diamonds division for the Israeli conglomerate R. Steinmetz & Sons. Steinmetz, listed under Diacor International, is considered to be one of the largest sightholders with DeBeers.

Now he brings his vast experience and knowledge to LIOR Diamonds, but more importantly he also brings the wide ranging connections that he has established in all of the major diamond cutting centers of the world: Israel, India, Belgium, and South Africa. Buying direct from the cutting centers enables LIOR Diamonds to be extremely competitive, giving you the most value for your money.

Isaac and his wife Hadasa are the proud recipients of the Hall of Fame Award from the Midwest chapter of the Women’s Jeweler Organization – testimony to the integrity and exemplary service to the diamond industry that they are committed to. Isaac is also an active member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange.